“Life is what happens while we are making other plans”


I recently read that Cameron Diaz feels better about herself now than she did at 25.  Like me, Ms. Diaz is a product of 1972 along with Geri Halliwell (if you believe her) and Gwyneth Paltrow, so with a birth year of such an illustrious alumni, it’s fair to say, in my opinion, that ’72 was quite a vintage.  All three women are beautiful and successful by most peoples’ standards and due to good genes, good grooming and a large dash of cash are ageing particularly well.  Apparently the bubbly Cameron made There’s Something About Mary when she was 25 and feels physically better and more capable now than then.

So let’s do a quiz, a comparison if you will.  Answer yourself honestly. What did you think of yourself when you were 25?  Do you think of yourself the same way now? Do you feel better or worse now, or then? After I read the interview with Cameron Diaz and saw her photo on the cover of Esquire magazine I decided that I feel the same physically now as then (still have as many bad habits and as few good ones), feel less capable only because I am more restrained by responsibilities and at both times would not for a moment pose for a picture in any state of undress, with or without photo-shop. I wonder if she had any idea that she’d be commanding between $15 and $20 million per movie fifteen years later, or even at that stage if she cared, some people just don’t look too far into the future.

Let’s try another quiz:  What plans did you have a 25?  Which plans are you yet to complete? Have you changed your plans since 25?  I am pleased to say that some of my major plans did come to fruition; career, kids, travel and then it struck me; that’s why turning 40 is hitting me so hard – I have run out of plans, apart from the Novel (that old chestnut), I need some new plans.  Some attainable, though life changing ‘thing’ that I can work towards.  I have always been a planner, in fact I once had the job title ‘Planner’, I made lists in my childhood diaries, made choices based on how to get to D via A,B and C and due to circumstance I can no longer plan a thing and quite honestly its making me jumpy.  The 25 year old me was newly loved up, just beginning to make it on the career ladder, ambitious, hungry for experience but with a pretty clear idea of where I wanted to go, but happy to go wherever life took me and life definitely took me.  It took me to a foreign country, it took me to a new culture, a new language, it took me to a new reality that was so far from anything I could have ever planned that I gave up planning. I have certainly had some experiences but I now feel I need to take a little bit of the old me back and start planning again.  I will use these last few months of my thirties to make some plans, dream some new dreams and consider posing semi clad for a photo.  Let’s face it you probably wish you had a nice pic of your young 25 year old bod now, and one day, believe it or not, your 40 year old  semi nakedness will look pretty buff to you too. Oh and by the way, Eminem was 40 this year too.

image borrowed from Hollywoodreporter.com