To Do To Done yet?


The countdown to the big day is in double figures (55) so there are a few bits of housekeeping to take care of, not least the plans for the event itself.  I am not one to shirk from birthdays; in fact I always fully embrace them and am very disappointed when others don’t do likewise.  What’s the point of having one day you can have as your own and then ignoring it?  One of the rubbish parts of getting older is that birthdays become less of an event.  If I had my way I would have a party (with all the girls in long dresses), complete with party games and party tea every year just like in 1979.  Perhaps a little vodka in the jelly, just to make it more interesting.

So back to the housekeeping: At this point I have to confess that I haven’t even made the list of life changing things I intend to do as I approach a new decade.  I recently read a blog on the Huffington Post by a Pastor, Lisa Hickman, who says (amongst other interesting things) that the appearance of the number 40 in the Bible usually heralds some change.  When I hark back to Sunday school it’s true that 40 does come up a lot – 40 days and nights in the ark/desert/up Mount Sinai etc although I’m not convinced that it doesn’t just means a really long time.  Forty years is a really long time in my opinion so I am using my 40th in the biblical sense as a point of transition, a spring-board to the next stage and judging by the billions of blogs, websites and magazine articles about turning 40, I am not alone. I just need to get on with that list, surely that’s the easiest bit because so far with 55 days to go; I haven’t done any exercise, I haven’t drank any more water, I still eat sparingly or too much and usually of the wrong stuff, I haven’t started the Novel (no surprise there), I haven’t taken up a new sport and I still have an unhealthy obsession with sickness and death.  Cue hysteria, oh god I can feel the panic rising in my chest.  Must make the list, must make the list.  On the other hand I could always procrastinate a bit longer and plan my celebrations. I’m thinking big, I’m thinking double pronged attack here and in the UK.  Now I just have to figure out how to justify the expense. 1) win lottery, 2)

To Do Bible


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  1. If anyone can tell me how to put outside links into the text without showing the whole address I’d be really grateful. I’m new at this!

    • Usually there’s a hyperlink tab – looks like a badly drawn chain icon – it provides space where you put the link in, and then you can put the text that you want readers to see. Alternatively, sometimes you can highlight the text you want to act as the link: “a blog in the Huffington Post by …” and it gives you the option to put a link in. I don’t use this software though, so I can’t speak to it specifically… And apologies if you’ve already figured it out, or if I’m wrong.

      • No girl, I think you are 100% right. I am so backward at this stuff. Can you share th blog with some of your friends? Strggling to figure out how to get it to people too. xxx PS I had a dream about you the other night!

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