Hunting High and Low


Do you believe in clairvoyants?  I want to, I really want to.  I knew a clairaudient once.  (A clairaudient hears things as opposed to a clairvoyant who sees things.)  This guy was the furthest removed from your archetypal psychic that you could get, but I think he was pretty good.  He made a career out of it and has his own books and TV shows so there has to be something; he’s a born entertainer too, so maybe that’s it.   He told me I had a problem in the area of my stomach and I should get it sorted otherwise it would change my life.  I went to a Doctor the following week and he was right.  Luckily I got it sorted.  I am not sure you can fake that kind of stuff.  Did he just guess and by some random probability get it right?

At age 18 I went to palm reader with a group of friends.  She was also pretty spot on, apart from the part about horses.  I don’t ride horses, never have and probably never will; I am scared of being that high on something with a mind of its own.  She said horses would play a large part in my future.  Maybe she meant post 40.

I know sceptics and I know those who are searching for reassurance in times of need, who have turned to mediums and spiritual churches, I know people who were lonely and racked up enormous phone bills on psychic hotlines, but most of all I know people who would just like the comfort of thinking there is something more, some people who simply sense more.  Whether it’s the murky world of psychics or the more orthodox world of alternative medicine, it’s reassuring to think that the conventional way is not the only way

I know a guru now.  Well I call him a guru; I’m not sure what he is exactly, he promotes the body’s ability to heal itself and I truly believe that he knows more. Without drugs or homeopathic medicine he uses his hands and his energy to fix people.  He has helped so many people I know that even though I can’t put a name to it or explain it, I recommend people to him time and time again.  He told me my past and present health problems on first meeting him; I hadn’t said a word. He looks like he’s related to Morten Harket and he is un-conventional to say the least; straight talking, cigarette smoking (organic tobacco), alcohol drinking (100% proof), maybe that’s why I like him. I am also scared of him, because he knows things; he can tell you if you have cancer or heart disease just by looking at you, he can recognise pains and diagnose illness before the symptoms have even manifested. I don’t think I want to know, there again if there’s something I could do to change the outcome, then why wouldn’t I want know?  Would you?

Is there really power in knowledge and fear just in the unknown?  For someone who gets palpitations when her bank statement comes I’d say fear is in the knowledge and the unknown.  Best to take comfort in the fact that we cannot possibly know the abilities of our bodies or minds so anything and everything is possible.


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