You know you’re old when you make your gift list


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I’d like a new tooth for my birthday please.  I’d like a watch and some jewellery to replace the stuff the burglars took 18 months ago, I’d like a kindle, a party, a child free night, I’d like the ring I coveted from my boss 10 years ago.

I want never gets but I would like sometimes does, so I must have a chance….

Yeah yeah world peace, health and happiness for everyone I know yadi yadi yada, but damn it I’d like a new tooth.  Dentistry is expensive stuff and the tooth fairy did not come for the back milk tooth I lost aged 36.  I am still waiting and unless the cost of living has risen dramatically in fairyland since my childhood then I don’t think when she finally gets to my pillow she’ll be leaving a grand.  Still, I want a new tooth.  Just saying.


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  1. I,d love to get5 you a new tooth for your birthday but sorry…tooooo expensive. I might manage the £1 coin which I believe is the going rate. Dad has read the blog you sent this morning and will replky soonxxxxx

  2. I’d give my back teeth for a front tooth…Or would I? What I do know is; I want more…. is that too much to ask?

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