Lady Shoes


What is it about women and shoes?  I’m seeing first hand how it begins, my 2-year-old daughter is already trying on every pair in the rack, actually my 2-year-old son wears flip-flops 2 sizes too big for him every day (and in bed)  and for his ‘at home’ look he wears a pair of silver wedges.  Damn, I’ve just ruined my own theory.  In general though (kids aside), a girl cannot get enough shoes.  I have had friends with trainer collections to rival P Diddy and have enough once worn heels in my cupboard to start an outlet, so I know I’m right.

There are a couple of reasons for the obsession.  Firstly, for women shoe sizes don’t change too much so if you are having a fat day your shoes will always fit and you don’t have to see yourself in the neon lit mirror in the changing rooms.  Secondly, shoes are one of the biggest statements you can make in an instant. I know, I read fashion magazines.  Nothing says I’m cool, successful, confident like the right pair of shoes. It works for men too; never trust a man in a pair of loafers, especially if he’s sockless.

I have a height problem.  I am too tall.   I know that loads of people think this is a good thing but when your husband is half an inch taller than you and all you friends, bar one is shorter, then flat shoes are the way forward, ho ho.  I do not like feeling like Herman Munster.  My gorgeous sister is at least 3 inches taller than me and has no problem sporting 3 inch heels but I jut can’t do it, much as I’d love to.  The giant feeling is not something I embrace so the many pairs of impulse buy heels I own come out of the cupboard before a night out, are tried on and then returned to the cupboard in favour of some flatties.

As a result of my tallness I have amassed quite a collection of flat shoes, mostly of the sportswear variety although as we know I don’t partake in sport.  A very good friend once gave me a piece of invaluable advice called the shoe trouser ratio; the bottom of your trouser must cover exactly the right amount of trainer for the look to work.  This principle also works for other shoes and boots and, I think, is something you should all be aware of.

So the question has to be at what point do we start wearing old lady shoes?  My fear being that one day I am 40 in a pair of high tops and the next I am sporting rubber soled foot gloves.   Maybe when you hit a certain age  you just don’t care anymore and just shop where all the other old ladies shop.  Hopefully it’s around age 85.  For now I am going to try to shake the heel phobia, start on a low half-inch and work up.  If time keeps passing so quickly I’ll be in the foot gloves phase and will have missed the opportunity to wear lady shoes.

New Shoes, Paulo Nutini


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  1. I love this one.we have some issues in common 🙂
    actually I dont have obsession of shoes. so, i didnt really get the point when i watched Sex and City girls were so into shoes collection.
    another reason is that there are much less beautiful flat shoes than the ones with heels. being a tall woman but not a model is really a problem.
    But same as you, I recently decided to try small heels even though i will taller than my hubby this way. it is more important to enjoy them before i am getting too old. the thing is when you are on heels, even just half inch ones, you really feel better and young. so i am telling myself i am still young if i still care about being beautiful.

  2. I hate wearing shoes (and sandals!) without socks. The most trustworthy man i have ever known wore casual shoes & no socks. He was Managing Director of Reynolds Chains


  3. As if by magic someone came up to me and asked where I got my (flat) shoes from, just hours after posting this. You see, happiness is great shoes

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