Last week a hoover saved my life


Age creeps up on you.  It manifests in the most unexpected ways.

My life has been changed by a hoover, well an electric Ewbank – remember them? No more down on the knees with a dustpan, the childers are now encouraged to make as much mess as they like, then they can whizz round Mummy’s new  toy and everything is spick and span.

The bigger problem now is how to stop the fight for whose go it is.  I always win.  My house has never been so crumb free.

Would I have cared so much even five years ago?  Is it the arrival of 3 kids in 2 short years that tipped me into old age or is it simply the fact that a household appliance has a greater worth when you reach 40?  Who knows.  Who cares.  This hoover is better than any fancy face cream, jewellery, fashion accessory or even new shoes (although only just). This hoover has truly changed my life.

And it would seem I am not alone


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