Nice People


Would it be weird if I said I had a crush on Barack Obama? I’m not American so it’s nothing to do with his politics (although if he were a Republican I probably wouldn’t like him so much), it’s mostly because he seems like such a nice person. If he’s really a nasty piece of work, unfriendly and mean then his PR team have done a sterling job because I’m sold.

Nice people are underrated, especially in business and politics and as we lose the ability to speak to each other in person, only in tweets and status updates, we could well find ourselves in 30 years not remembering what a genuinely nice person is. There’s a scary thought.

Nice people inspire me, they make me want to be nicer. I mean, have you ever thought, ‘I wish I was as a mean as them’? I do however meet people all the time who remind me of my shortcomings on the niceness front.  I’d like to think I am a nice person but possibly I would score ‘could do better’ if I was tested.   I have been known to be downright horrible.  Once I left a piece of paper with the word MURDERER written on a co-workers desk with my dead goldfish laying underneath.  I was his manager and he was in charge of Nemo’s well-being whilst I was out, was that workplace bullying? It wasn’t very nice.

In recent days I have been touched by the amount of nice people I know or have known.  I have been genuinely amazed by the amount of goodwill in phone calls and emails, my parents have been inundated with calls of support and concern, regardless of opinions and politics, people have been overwhelming lovely. I have also come across some not so nice stuff which has angered and upset me in equal measures. It’s my own silly fault for paying attention to it. I live in a country that just about everyone has an opinion on and after many years of being connected to Israel even before we moved here I should be used to it. I’m not.  I don’t personally represent Israel so please stop trying to goad me into arguing with you because I won’t.

I will however endeavor to be a nicer person and take heart in the nice people I meet, perhaps the leaders and politicians should take note and do the same, in the immortal words of the Beach Boys, ‘wouldn’t it be nice’.


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