Sindy is every girl’s dream


Sindy has also got a big birthday coming up, next year she will be 50.  In her heyday Sindy was the best-selling girl’s toy in the UK outselling her American playboy girl rival Barbie.  Apparently the Brits liked Sindy’s more innocent and wholesome look.  Let’s face it Barbie with her ginormous bosom, miniature waist and incy wincy face was a bit ludicrous.  What I never got about Barbie was the way her arms poked out at right angles at the elbows.  What was that all about?  I digress.

Sindy was probably the first love of my life. Hours upon hours I could play with that doll, make her houses, send her on trips with Action Man in his helicopter, pierce her ears with pins from the sewing box and make her clothes tied with hair bobbles (that’s hair elastics with plastic beads on them to you uninitiated).  At the height of my love for Sindy I was the proud owner of 2 dolls; 1 blonde, 1 brunette, a 3 legged Sindy horse (he had a fall from the bedroom window) and a box full of clothes.  My younger sister had a larger collection of Sindy and Barbie dolls plus accessories (including a pony and trap), not because she played with them but because she was 5 years younger than me and therefore was told what she wanted for Christmas and birthday by yours truly.

Five must know facts when playing Sindies.

  1. Never refer to Sindy as a doll. Simply, Sindy or Sindies
  2. When playing with friends refer to as ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ eg. Mine is the bride, yours is the bridesmaid.
  3. Sit on Sindy’s nicest outfit so that your friend can’t find it
  4. Make friends with someone with a Sindy house/car/caravan – the bigger collection the more necessary to cultivate friendship
  5. NEVER cut Sindy’s hair – everyone does and no-one is happy with the result

Sadly Sindy is very much out of fashion these days and is now targeted at pre-school girls.  According to even Barbie doesn’t make it into this year’s top 10 most wanted Christmas toys – Coming in at 14 is the quite frankly ludicrous and yet somehow highly desirable Barbie Photo Fashion Doll.  This doll is actually a camera that takes pictures from Barbie’s viewpoint and then instantly shows the image on her t-shirt.  I know, crazy and yet ingenious. Of course there are a billion other things you can do by hard wiring her to your pc (the image of which is somehow quite disturbing), making this Barbie less of a doll and more of a gadget like most toys these days.  Damn, there I go again with my middle-aged comments.

Still, I would happily play with Sindy again, simply dressing her, plaiting her hair and making her walk by hopping her around on her tippy toes – a desire for the innocence of youth or just a weird fetish? Hmmm,  I wonder how soon I can introduce Sindy/Barbie to my little girl.


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