Dinnertime Symphony


Mummy, what’s this? Chicken

What’s this Mummy? Chicken

I don’t want chicken. But you love chicken

Mummy, what’s this?

I don’t want this.

What’s this?  Chicken


Water what? Give me water

What’s the magic word? Water ?

No –  chicken?

No, I would like some water please.

Water please. Me too and me.

What do you say?  Please can I get down?

No, say thank you. Thank you. tancue. tancue

WHAT’S THIS? Chicken

Can I have some more?  What do you say? More chicken.

No, please can somone say PLEASE.

Water.  Uh oh. Wet wet take it off. Mummy take it off!!!



Please can I get down. No you haven’t finished. Oof

MUMMY!!!!! Yes darling.  WHATS THIS??!!!!

That my darlings is Mummy’s glass, careful not to spill it


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