Nonsense to the Vernacular


Not satisfied with tweeting, blogging, facebooking, linking in and pinning interest we are now taking on the vocabulary and manner of speech we use whilst typing which by the way we have usually picked up from the TV.

Here are the top 5 that I use a lot in conversation and probably shouldn’t:

  1. So, since when have we started a sentence with so?  Is everything we say a status update? meredithActually maybe it is.
  2. Who knew that ‘who knew?’ can come at the end of a sentence.
  3. Really?  My particular favourite. Not as an incredulous ‘really’ when being told something incredulous.  No.  This ‘really’ is deadpan and ironic. Think Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy… (no don’t, she’s annoying)
  4. The thing is when did we stop saying the thing is and start saying here’s the thing, and at the start of a sentence.  Rather like, ‘So…’, ‘Here’s the thing…’ does make you think a story/one liner is coming but actually it’s just a little conversational bridge. Who knew?  Oops, there it is again.
  5. Just saying – I think I may have used that a number of times in these very pages.

Just like my 2 year old says, ‘I simply don’t believe it’, which is obviously not the usual patter of a 2 year old, we take on so much from TV these days that it’s like we’re living in a soap opera (which I have been told on a number of occasions by various people and not on account of the way I speak).

Here’s my idea – not sure how well it’ll work, but how about taking an era and speaking thus (you see, threw that one in).  My Uncle and Aunt have a lovely way of saying ‘quite’ when they agree with something, I always intend to take this word on as part of my vocab but always forget and say ‘exactly’ instead. I also might start saying ‘five and twenty to’ instead of ‘twenty five to’ or ‘35’ just to sound more queenly (and like my Granny) – are you still with me?  I’m talking about telling the time…Whatever.


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  1. Have you read Caleb’s Crossing, by Geraldine Brooks? I just finished it, and it is written in the language of the 17th century, and is just beautiful

    • I haven’t no but I will now. Thanks for the tip. I think I have read something by her before though – has she written other books?

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