and Counting


40th birthday

Ha ha, had you fooled. Did you think the ruminations would stop post 39? Unlucky (or lucky) for you, the ‘and counting’ might have given it away.  The best part is that I will remain 39 (and counting) in the worldwide web forever.

Thank you, yes I made it and I am still here – making it through 12.12.12 and passing 40 unscathed made for a hectic week.  Quick checklist of the goals I foolishly set myself  last July when I started putting words on the page, lets see:

  1. Realising the dream.  You have to know what the dream is to realize it. 2 out of 10 for effort – I have thought about it.
  2. The novel .  Hmmm well I do write a lot, not that it’s in any structure, nor does it resemble a novel but it’s a start.
  3. Anti-ageing.  I am still waiting for Darphin to send me an enormous selection of free products on the back of the highly flattering words in my post.  My face therefore is still getting older by the day (more so since 15th December) and I think I may be waiting another 40 years before hearing from them.
  4. The Fear. What can I say, I haven’t managed to change ANY of my habits; good, bad and indifferent and therefore The Fear is still at large. Perhaps pre-50?
  5. Exercise. Cough hmmm
  6. Food and Drink.  Yes please.
  7. Celebrations.  The only thing I can 100% say I have achieved and will achieve  (thanks to hubby) when my London trip takes place in January.  Marvelous
  8. Gift list.  No tooth fairy or dental benefactor has shown up as yet with a fat cheque so I will continue into this next decade one tooth down and hope that people continue not to notice (or so they say).  Kindle – check (thanks girls), replacement trinkets/watch – on the way, child free night – check.  What a lucky girl.
  9. Technology.  Not that I have taken it off the shelf yet but I am now in possession of an iphone.  When I work out to use it I will update.  I have been educated by a number of people following the technophobe post and would like to point out that it is not age that makes me useless with technology, the blame lies firmly at the feet of myself at any age.  Thank you for everyone’s knowledge sharing – if I was more interested I would probably remember the advice.
  10. High heels are my new best friend.  OK so they are not high, but they aren’t flat so definitely A for effort of this front.

Happy birthday fellow Saggitarians and fellow new 40 somethings.  Let the games begin.


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  1. Told you it would pass ok. Only another 36 to go before it gets really frighty.

    Yes we passed 12-12-12 ok -I forgot to look. Now for 21-12-12 then it will be 21-12-21 Oh dear then I will be old.

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