Do they know its Christmas?


christmas party

Ingredients for a successful Christmas party:

Daylight, all the best Christmas parties take place during the day (no hangover the following day)

Too much food; turkey, stuffing, sprouts and roasties a must.

Too much drink, of the alcoholic variety. Bubbles or heated or both preferable

Slightly tipsy dancing in living rooms using small children as a ruse to cover the ridiculousness of dancing in living rooms.

Comedy clothing – what’s cute on 3 year olds does not necessarily work on over 18s but it is Christmas. Pets should also be dressed appropriately.

General joie de vivre. If in doubt go to a friend’s house so not to be involved in squabbles.

Band Aid and/or Shaky, Mariah Carey and Cliff Richard. The more warm wine you imbibe the better they sound.

Outpourings of love – hugging at random.

Inability to leave AKA out staying your welcome

A fine set of Jewish friends and their families provided all the above at the weekend and as the only Christian in da house I have to say it was one of the best Christmas bashes I’ve been to. And there was me thinking Christmas would be a non event this year.
Do they know its Christmas in Israel? In the main no, why would they care? But the message of glad tidings, the sharing of a bit of joy and any excuse for a party certainly made a lot of people happy this weekend. Whatever the religion.

Merry Christmas everyone!






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