Silent Night


sleepThere is NO silence in my house at night. In fact at the moment it is a cacaphony of shouts for Mummy, Daddy, milk, water, sofa, pee pee and last night, helicopter.
In terms of children’s excitment at Christmas our house must rank pretty low, as you’ll know from this post. So WHY are they not sleeping? I haven’t been a parent in a Christian country so I really don’t know how you do it. Hats off to you. Do you sedate the kids, slip them some mulled wine at bedtime or just threaten, Santa’s not coming/Santa will come back and reclaim his gifts?
After 4 and a half years of disturbed sleep I am getting pretty tired. As one outgrew waking in the night the other two started in stereo. Whatever the books, ‘well meaning'(?!) other parents, websites and common sense tell you, sometimes the infamous bedtime routine, cry it out technique etc etc just doesn’t work – yeah there you go know-it-alls I said it. I’ve done them all and once you think you’ve cracked it and have a few weeks of peace another phase in their development starts and sleep is disturbed once more.
Anywhere between 3am and 5am right now is a Christmas party in itself; a musical beds, game of Twister medley.

Who’s that sleeping in myyyy bed?twister

Who’s put me in a head lock?

Why am I in a head lock?

Why is your toe up your brother’s nose?

Is that pee or water on the sheet?

Are we being burgaled or is that a 2 year old in the living room?

Why am I lying on the bedroom floor?


just for a few hours, you know, when its dark and you’re wearing pyjamas and you’re in bed – its called sleep and we could all benefit from a little. Thank you.


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