Having spent, sorry, wasted the last few months pondering self-improvement I have come up with just one resolution for 2013, independent wealth.  It’s about as achievable as most of the other resolutions people have made although I won’t have to go through that first month or six weeks of trying it out (unfortunately).  I won’t have to convince myself that this time I will really succeed, that this time its a lifestyle choice not a whim, that once I get into the habit it will seem like the norm. Independent wealth is reliant on everyone else rather than myself, in fact if I have to make any effort at all it is not independent, right?  I basically need a wealthy benefactor, myself, my parents or my husband to win a lottery or my childhood diaries to sell for an enormous sum.  So easily enough all I have to do is to buy a lottery ticket every now and then.  I’ll keep you posted with my success.  Happy New Year everyone.


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