In Search of a Good Pub Story 1



Spooky Tales

We were staying in a down market (cheap) B & B in the Lakes for a mini break.  Having arrived late in the day after a long drive we quickly realised that our last minute booking was definitely not well researched and intended to find somewhere else the next morning.  In all honesty it was a dump; chilly house, chilly reception, chilly water in the shower and what with the rain rattling at the windows and the wind howling we weren’t putting too much faith in a successful long weekend.

The rain finally died down just after midnight – it was literally shaking the windows so we were wide awake.  That’s when we first heard the weird noise.  It sounded a bit like the roof was leaking – above our heads – and enormous drops were falling onto the floor of the room above, plop,  kerplunk, After a few minutes I started to worry; the place wasn’t well kept and I had visions of the roof caving in on us while we slept.  Eventually we decided to take a look.  The house was silent and we had no idea where the owners were so we just went up the stairs to see what was directly above us.

It was a bit spooky, no lights and we couldn’t find the switches, just the green of the emergency exit lights. Still there were two of us – I wouldn’t have gone alone.  As we reached the top of the stairs we saw a slither of light from the doorway above our room and peered around.  To our surprise there was a little boy sitting on the bare wooden boards, playing with tin soldiers; plop, kerplunk.

When he saw us he looked straight at us and said, ‘hello’, not surprised by our arrival at all.  He then pointed to the corner of the room where we could just see the rockers of a wooden chair. ‘That’s my Grandma’ he said, ‘she’s got no HEAD’




Ha ha ha ha ha


I love ghost stories and was one of our favourite pub topics in our London days.  The one about the Guide’s midnight hike through the grounds of a stately home when bright lights and the sound of wheels went past but there were no cars or any other people around – we later discovered there were regular sightings of a ghost carriage around Lyme Park.  The one about the one woman’s footprint found next to the dead body of a man on a snowy night in the Peak District.  One of  my personal favourites is my friend’s sighting of the brown shadow passing the door of the office at the HMV shop in Guidford after closing.  She was alone in the building which was in Guildford’s shopping arcade – The Friary.

You just need a group of friends, a warm corner of your local and a pint of Guinness right?!  Pub culture, love it.


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  1. I once saw a ghost of Tobydog. It was at the Fishing Lodge about 2 years ago. I went into the bedroom to get something & saw Toby walk in thro’ the door as plain as could be. He went round the edge of the bed so I followed him but he faded away in front of my eyes. It wasn’t the least bit scary ,in fact it was quite funny. The odd thing was that the bed was at right angles to the way it was when Toby was alive so he couldn’t have walked round it only into it. My theory is that everything we have ever experienced is stashed away somewhere in our brains but 99% of it is never used again . However, some circumstance might arise that recalls a long-forgotten memory which is then projected into the conscious mind so it can be seen imposed on the actual scene. Thus ghosts are all in the mind but can appear as real. I’ve just remembered another one. Way back in my teens I was out in the Peak District near Ilam I think, with my pal Ken. We were walking along a famous “promenade” alongside the river Manifold when we passed a lady in a long frock. Did you see that I said to Ken? Yes, he replied & we turned round to have a look but there was nobody there. Spooky! Using my theory , above, I think the promenade/lady weresimilar to something we’d seen at the pictures (cinema to you) a few days before eg a costume film say Dickens or some such. Funny init! X


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