I’m an alien


Next week there is an election here in Israel.  It will be my first election here as a fully fledged voter.Legal-Alien1

It took me 7 years to become a citizen of Israel;

at least 10 interviews at the Interior Office,

3 interviews held separately from my husband – less we compare notes,

5 episodes of crying in the Interior Office toilet,

10 photographs of my husband and I whilst ‘dating’,

6 letters from friends and family in Israel to certify we were kosher (our relationship not our dietary requirements),

1 no holds barred public temper tantrum (Of course my marriage is real why would I have left a perfectly good country like Britain left my family, friends, livelihood  if my marriage was not real)

1000 bits of paper stapled together and held together by

25 staples in

1 folder with my name on it kept in the Interior Office’s cupboard

0 computer database with all my details so we didn’t have to go through the same thing every 3 months in my first year and then once a year every year for 7 years after that

100000s of people less fortunate than myself who don’t come from the UK who are desperate to live in Israel or anywhere else in the modern world for that matter but remain illegal and impoverished as a result.

Was it all worth it to get my Israeli passport and permanent status?  I’ll get back to you on that one. I do feel that I have earned the right to vote.  Now I need another 7 years to figure out who to vote for; the politics here make the confusion of the Interior Office seem like order.



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