Ode to Jesse



Dear Jesse

Thank you for coming to stay with us this week.

Thank you for remembering me and not holding a grudge that we gave you to another loving member of the family when so many children arrived in such a short time.

Thank you for being the same furry, cuddly bundle you always were

Thank you for letting a little boy rest his head on your back even though it’s probably really annoying.

Thanks for not snapping when 3 miniature people circle around you and corner you under the table.

Thank you for being so patient when the scrap for who holds the lead starts.

Please refrain from rolling in crap, dead animals or stinking rubbish while you are staying with us.

Also, if you could not bark at shadows in the dead of night waking our ever wakeful household that would also be appreciated.

Thank you for coming on really long walks in really hot weather all those years ago when you first came to live with us.  I needed those walks to give me purpose when I was finding my way in a new country, when I spent hours and hours alone and was doubting my decision.

Thank you for making me stay when I was determined to leave.  If it hadn’t been for rabies rules in the UK I could well have thrown in the towel years ago.

Thank you for listening to my moans and for letting me cry in your fur.

Thanks for making me get out and walk when it would be much easier to crawl under a blanket.

Thank you for being an unknowing fluffy saviour.

I promise this week you will be spoilt rotten; walked, fed, groomed, stroked ’til you can take no more.

Thank you for being my pooch, no matter that you are now a pooch-in-law.  

You will always be my Jesse.



Dedicated to Doggie and for my lovely friend and her family who had to say goodbye this weekend.



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  1. Nice post – I totally understand, I have two furry tail wagging bundles of joy also who make life much easier on hard days in TLV 😉

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