Competition time



I have entered a competition.  I think its the first competition I have entered since High School.  Having entered this one I now know why it’s been 22 years since I competed.  I’m just not very good at it and it makes me nervous.  I would be hugely appreciative if you could visit my entry at this site and if you’re feeling hugely generous, leave me a hugely complimentary comment so that I can win some dosh – never has a girl needed a cash boost than right now.  Thanking you all very kindly, don’t worry I won’t be touting for sponsorship money next.

My competition entry – comments need to be added by Sunday 31st.


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  1. As we were mostly with you when you visited these places I couldn’t agree more. However, you didn’t say that I was expecting nothing but dusty desert & was amazed at how green & beautiful the country was around the Galilee area. Indeed when we got out of the car at the sermon on the Mount Monastery I was overwhelmed by the peace & quiet i.e. serenity of the place.
    The mezze was fantastic too!
    X Pops

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