In 1986 at age 14, I heard for the first time in a History lesson about the Holocaust

In 1997 I met someone who told me about his grandparents who lost parents, partners, siblings and children in the Holocaust

In 2005 I saw a number tattooed on an old man’s arm as he played backgammon in a coffee shop and I cried

In 2006 I saw the many other names written on my Grandmother in law’s gravestone to honour her parents and her siblings who perished, they did not have the luxury of a grave until their surviving family member died.

Every year I stand in silence for a minute with the rest of Israel when a siren of remembrance is sounded across the state, when the cars pull over at the side of the highways, when the supermarket tills stop ringing and the televisions and radios stop broadcasting.

8th April 2013. Holocaust Day in Israel.  We must never forget.

Holocaust Day


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