Oh pants



Ah toilet training, what joy. The time has come for the last of the childers to go through this rite of passage.

As any veteran parent knows the best way to toilet train a child is to let them do it themselves.  Arm yourself with even more patience than usual, bulk buy enough cheap underwear to clothe a kindergarten and cross your fingers.  With number 1 son I did none of the above.  Foolishly I decided that nappy changing 3 babies was just not on.  Poor kid and his controlling mother. At just turned 2 and with 2 freshly delivered siblings I began his ‘training’ to use the toilet, it’s not like he had any other change to deal with right?  1 week, 1 stop beside a tree that lasted 30 minutes (are you sure you need to go?) and a very stressed child later the nappies went back on and there they stayed until he was approaching 3.  Hope I haven’t scarred him for life.  When he chose the time himself it took a few days.

Number 2 son was a surprise when at 2 he whipped off the Huggies and demanded pants.  1 week later and he had it sussed with only the odd accident.  His twin sister wasn’t so inclined – she couldn’t get the concept of sitting to pee not standing like her brothers, so 7 months later here we are and she has decided she’s ready.  Quick dash to the dollar store to stock up on sickly coloured (read throwaway) underwear and she’s well on the way.  Having taken 10 minutes to decide which colour pants she would like to wear first she promptly peed through chosen pants, on my shoe and onto the rug.  Never mind hey the poor rug has so many patches of cleaning detergent stains another one won’t matter  Six pairs and 10 minutes later and I am wishing I had bought 1 colour of pants so that she didn’t keep changing them to coordinate her outfit.  Girls hey?


There are a few changes to introducing girls to a world without nappies that I had previously not considered.  You can basically remind a boy and he can pee on a tree, in a bush (at one time in an ambulance, in a cup), not so with girls.  What is that holding them akimbo, your arms outstretched to avoid spray, with their feet in the air at the side of the road?  I haven’t mastered it yet but I’ve seen others do it so it must be the right way.    Luckily she seems to be catching on pretty quick and after 3 days she is pretty much dry and not requiring umpteen changes of clothes.

I suppose it’s a rite of passage for me too, the last of my babies losing their last sign of babyhood.  Having changed nappies for 5 years, well four years and 10 months I will be lost without my trusty packet of wipes and crumpled nappy in the bottom of my bag.  Still, I am sure the environment will benefit and frankly I will not be sorry to see the back of what comes from the back – see how delicately I phrased that?  So goodbye Huggies and Pampers and those cheap copies that with twins you are always tempted to purchase.  Goodbye toddler toddle and the knowledge that a fall on the bum has been padded.  Hello even more washing and a permanently damp bathroom floor.


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  1. Eeek I have all this to come. Mine has just turned 2 and everyone keeps telling me I need to be getting on with it. I have tried a bit halfheartedly but don’t really have any idea what I am doing to be honest. I am hoping the ‘stick my head in the sand whilst hoping he figures it out before he hits puberty’ approach will work. Great post. X

    • 100% he will tell you when he’s ready. If you decide when it will take twice as long, in fact maynot work at all. My biggest was almost 3 because of the trauma of 2 babies arriving when he was at ‘training’ age. Introduce the idea, bring a potty or a step into the bathroom etc and he will ask. (Not that you asked for advice!! its just a subject I somehow know a lot about…hmmm wht a life I lead) xx

      • Any and all advice more than welcome! I have the potty but he has absolutely no interest at all. Waiting for him sounds good to me!

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