The Heat is On


IMG_0914With the temperature gauge hitting 28 degrees at 8am it is fair to say that summer is upon us in the tiny strip of land I call home.  The heat however is not the problem, summer in the coastal plain of Israel means humidity and therefore sweat, lots of it, even 3 minutes after you have dried yourself from the shower.
The novelty of the hot humid summers are wearing thin, 9 years on. My first few summers here were revelations to me, having a totally summer and winter set of clothes (and never the twain shall meet) was something I had never come across. Putting shoes on for the first time in November after months of flip-flops felt strange and I loved going to the beach at night. Now, without the air-conditioned office to sit in for 8 hours and with others needs and desires more important than my own, summer has become a little more trying. These days July and August to me in Israel means;
1. Boiling hot car seats and steering wheels. The backs of the childer’s legs being burnt by car seat buckles and fights for the one bit of shade in the parking lot.
2. Tense, hot, impatient people.
3. Sweat.
4. Electricity bills as big as Greece’s national debt, the air conditioning units gobble up your hard-earned cash but provide relief until your nose gets stuffy.
5. Drying from the shower in front of a fan rather than with a towel.
6. Vermin
7. Even more washing than usual (surely we wear less so there should be less to wash?). Luckily the scorchio sun dries a load in 40 minutes.
8. Half emptied bags from beach trips and pool trips discovered with moldering swimsuits/apple cores/bread rolls hidden beneath the deflated inflatables
9. 1 lost arm band
10. Thirsty cats bursting the paddling pool
11. Sweat
12. Shlukeem – or for those outside of Israel, ice pops/popsicles
13. Shorts, flip-flops and deodorant, lots of deodorant.
14. Sun cream, freckles and dubious moles. What my Mum called kisses of the sun when I was a child my husband calls skin cancer. The sun is to be feared and hats, factor 50 and beach visits only before 11am or after 5pm (we are a very white family).
15. Did I say sweat?
16. Jelly fish. Fancy a refreshing swim in the warm Med? Forget it, July is jelly fish season. Stick to the local pool or deal with the pain.
IMG_087717. Iced Coffee.  The most delicious drink ever, caffeinated, sweet and cold. When it’s not boiling hot outside it just doesn’t taste quite so good
18. Chofesh Hagadol The Big Holiday. Anticipated by children, feared by parents the long summer hols mean everywhere is crowded except the roads in rush hour (well not as much).
19. Mass exodus to cooler climes. Scandinavia is increasingly popular as a holiday destination.
20. Home. For the second year running I will be taking my brood to chilly Cheshire to give my sweat glands a break.


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  1. Did you say it’s a bit sweaty then? 🙂
    I know what you mean about having 2 different wardrobes, you don’t get that in the UK, it was so weird wearing socks again after our summer here.
    Lovely that you get to go home too, I am originally from Cheshire love the good ole north west.
    How long are you there for?
    Enjoy x

  2. Oh I remember those steering wheels too hot to touch in Dubai! I never understood why people chose leather seats for their vehicles, cloth was so much more comfortable.

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