It’s gonna be a long walk home



The new school year started last week and the sound of way too heavy backpacks being pulled along on wheels by tiny people has resumed on the walkways outside our house.  Having not reached school age yet, our childers have yet to enlighten us as to the reason why a 6-year-old entering the school gates for the first time needs so much stuff in their backpacks on wheels.  I dread to think and will savour this last year that number 1 son is in preschool as I fear that next year will bring a whole new array of school-type pressures, backpacks being the least and homework in a foreign language being my personal terror.

For us this past week has been, (not wanting to jinx it) relatively quiet.  Having opened the nursery door to the sound of wailing and the sight of tens of tiny hands gripping their parent’s legs in an attempt to keep them from leaving, so far our twins have not shed one tear.  Yet.  Oh yes, actually they have, when I come to pick them up. Oh. Dear.  Not sure what that says about my parenting and I am trying not to dwell on it too much but when your 3-year-old sees you for the first time after a day in nursery, “go away, I want to stay here” screamed at 100 decibels is not the welcome you would expect.

The nursery and pre-school are literally 5 minutes walk from our home and 50 minutes seems rather excessive an amount of time to take to get 3 small childers from point a to point b.  In the heat.  And the humidity.  Cue crazed mother trying to carry 3 small backpacks and two 3 year olds whilst cajoling number 1 son to take his hands from his ears (so he can’t hear the screams of his siblings) and to “just keep walking”.  And this on the way home?  Hmmm

As parents we are too attuned to other’s opinions and the ‘right way’ to parent. I try to remind myself, and occasionally forget, it really doesn’t matter what other parents think nor what the parenting manuals say, sometimes it is just best to go with your instincts.  My instincts told me from day 1 to take the double stroller to and from nursery.  Yes the twins can walk but if you actually want to arrive at your destination (without losing 50% of your body fat through sweat and 50% of your sanity to boot) a stroller is the way forward.  Unfortunately I came upon another parent the other day (of a singleton I hasten to add) who made a flip comment about why such big kids need to ride in a stroller.  I took it to heart and left the stroller at home.  More fool me.

Shaking from the exertion of the 50 minute stop, start, weight lifting nightmare of a very long – short walk home, the stroller is now back in operation.  At least until the enticement of time home with Mummy is more appealing than the new nursery and all the treasures it has to offer.  Lesson learnt, Mummy is ALWAYS right (even if the childers’ actions suggest otherwise).


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