Red Sky at Night



There are certain times of year when I am very happy that my home is in the Middle East.  November is one, February the other.  To me these were always the most depressing of months in the UK.  November with only a bonfire and fireworks to brighten the dull grey skies and chilly long nights.  The clocks are on winter time and the coats are out.

In Israel I finally pulled the duvets from their summer residence (the back of the cupboard) a week ago and to be fair we don’t really need them yet.  I have been sporting jeans rather than shorts but again, through want, not necessity (everyone else is in Autumn clothes so me too).  This morning is the first morning the childers requested a sweatshirt to go to nursery in.  It is in fact 24 degrees and sunny and tomorrow’s forecast is 29 degrees.  Am I gloating?  Yes, a little.  I think that it is small recompense for all the other crap I deal with from ‘choosing’ to live here.

We have spent the last three Saturdays at a beautiful beach just south of Haifa with assorted friends, buckets and spades, picnics and swimming costumes (the childers anyway, end of September signals the end of my desire to wear a bikini) and I am glad that I am not looking forward to the next ‘100 days of Arctic conditions’ in the UK.  I am happy that I am not leaning against a radiator that’s covered in drying socks, getting chilblains when returning home from work.  I do slightly miss the need for a winter coat and boots but hell, I can get over that and wear them anyway come January when (if) the thermometer dips below 16.


Next month when I am mourning the loss of Christmas and fairy lights I would do well to remind myself of the joy of being able to pick strawberries in November, wearing flip flops and sunning my shoulders.  If any one ever needs a time to come to visit, now is it, leave the cold and grey behind and feel the warm again.



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  1. I know what you mean – we are coming into Summer now finally and it is so nice to feel the sun on my face! Having said that Christmas really doesn’t feel like it is nearly here when it is sunny. I am not sure I will ever get used to that. Definitely not complaining though. X

    • Its a double edged sword isn’t it? I miss the dark afternoons with fairy lights and cosiness of Christmas but the daily sunshine is such a treat for us Brits!

  2. Hmmm. A couple of years ago we rented a place in Israel for the month of October, and I’ll never forget the abrupt change in the weather during the last week of our holiday. The temps dropped, the sun disappeared, and cold rain was whipped by brisk winds–a wake-up call attesting to the fact that the Mediterranean winter was not to be taken lightly. On the other hand, it was potentially much more pleasant than the guaranteed bitter cold of winter here in Maine.

    • The best thing about the Med’s storms is that they are short! Two days later the sun is shining again. January usually sees the worst of our weather when it can (sometimes) rain for a week, torrential downpours that flood the streets and burst the sewers. Not nice! where I come from in the UK it can rain like that for the whole of August!!

      • The first time I visited Britain, in July 1980, it rained every day for the entire three weeks–awful. I know that Israel gets pleasant breaks in winter, but we haven’t tried visiting in the rainy season or in high summer (pant, pant)…we generally visit in March or October. We’d retire there (Israel), but the state encourages young people with children, not old fogies like us!

      • My parents also come at that time. They have just been out for a November visit and the weather was perfect and they were exactly at the right time to see the migrating birds. They have returned to frost!

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